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If you make a shippy drawing on the premise of the male character laying a property claim on the female character and I tell you how that’s gross, and disrespectful to the female character, and not cute or endearing at all.

That’s not me taking it out of context. You literally said in the description how it’s about him making a ‘property claim’.

Don’t try to fucking copout of this discussion about your gross views towards female characters. This isn’t okay.

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Forgot to post these pics of some radical books I got at MoCCA.

Booklet of Beautiful OCs - brainbloops

Ozzie the Vampire + Awesome custom sketch - ericlide

The Good Man - doodleta

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Iiiiiiimmmmmmm comin out,  so you better get this party started.

Iiiiiiimmmmmmm comin out,  so you better get this party started.

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Me on my way to steal your girlfriend…

Me on my way to steal your girlfriend…

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Woah! Hold the fucking phone!

Can we talk about the fact that in The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric falls in love with Ariel even though he thinks she’s mute?

Imagine if she’d never gotten her voice back?

A disabled disney princess who gets a happy ending?

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New sticks for the sketchbook too!

Sick Ass Eyeball - hyeinjeon

Mini Mermaid - yeahcultcomics

Tiger Monster - eshiel

Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati - bad-at-games

Niovern & Kawaii as Shit - I DON’T KNOW i’M SO SORRY!

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New stickers for my HP!

Pixel bat - kelseysunday

Corgi & Sloth - frizzofthebee

Teeth - hyeinjeon

Sword & Axe - yeahcultcomics

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So many excellent things I got this year at MoCCA Fest.

Space Queer & Briget’s Favorite Juggalos = bgibsdraws & other artists.

Come Alive = damerowe

Medusa Necklace & Bowling Girl Patch = rosanaiarusso

If you see your stuff here and I didn’t credit you, I’m sorry. Please message me.

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Girls don’t like boys
Girls like cats and money…
And boys will laugh at girls cus
Their not happy with the way society treats them.

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My books finally arrived!

I’m so excited to announce the official release of my first art book which I will be showcasing at this years MoCCA fest in NYC!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this a reality. If you pre-ordered a book, I’ll be shipping them out after the convention.

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Gonna slay this singing performance with my super sharp eyeliner.

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My Niece Was Arrested For Being Sexually Assaulted.

I’m so fucking mad. Like I can’t believe that this actually happened.

Okay so in December 2013 my niece was attacked while leaving a party on her college campus. A man came up behind her, pinned her against a car, and began touching her and biting her neck. She fought & screamed and two boys helped get the man off her. But they were so focused on making sure she was okay that the attacker got away.

So she filed a police report. But there was only so much information to go on seeing as no one at the party seemed to know this guy. And as it turned out there was a similar attack on another girl only a few weeks prior.

Cut to a few days ago.

The police called my niece and asked her to come down to the station. She believed it was to close the case because they couldn’t find the attacker. But when she arrived they arrested her for ‘falsifying a report’.

Earlier in the night that my niece was attacked she was making out with a boy who she later that night decided wasn’t worth her time. She never accused this boy of anything. But the police interrogated him anyways and of coarse he told them his interaction with her was completely consensual. Which it was.

But instead of investigating further or looking for other suspects, or even just closing the case, the police immediately assumed my niece was lying. They assumed she made this up to get back at the boy she was making out with. THE BOY SHE DECIDED WASN’T WORTH HER TIME!

They assumed she was lying. Despite the numerous marks and bruises she suffered. Despite the eye witness accounts from the two boys who help defend her.


A+++ Police work. Really great job defending the public. Thank you for all your hard work and service. Go take a bubble bath in acid.

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When you’re blue and you don;t know where to go to why don’t you go where fashion sits? Tumblr on the ritz.

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"i want an anime with non binary characters!!"


"i want an anime with a visibly disabled character!!!"


"no, a visibly disabled POC!!! and make them a woman!! and dealing with extreme poverty and homelessness!"


"well, what about a POC with severe mental and emotional trauma? and a narrative about the horrors of war and imperialism, and race supremacy!!"


"give me a woman who is as strong as the men in the power structure of her society!!! but don’t sexualize her!!!"


"give me an anime with a cast that’s diverse in terms of gender representation!!!!"


"show me the most successful anime of the past 30 years…that’s been written by a WOMAN!!!!"


"give me an anime with a cast of different races and religions!!! and show me a narrative that includes the way imperialistic white-dominated power structures oppress and devastate minority groups based on racism and destructive actions of war!!"


"give me an anime with character development and intense personal narratives!!"


"strong female characters and a narrative without sexism!!!"


"the best anime of the past twenty years!!!!! if not one of the top animes of all time!!!!!!"


"what should i watch next?????"


"Don’t you mean"


That’s exactly what I mean’t.

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Finally finished the facial design for my alien character ‘Prince’ for my new comic, Goddess Warriors: Team Earth. 
Hope you like him!

Finally finished the facial design for my alien character ‘Prince’ for my new comic, Goddess Warriors: Team Earth.

Hope you like him!