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Avengers Headcanon: Action Movies

Everyone in the Avengers decided a while ago that if they were gonna watch action movies they could only watch them as comedies because collectively they knew too much to take them seriously.

They be watchin’ a movie and Nat be like “That’s not how you hold a gun.”

And Tony be like “That’s not how a car explodes.”

And Sam be like “That’s not how you pilot a plane.”

And Steve be like “It is if you’re trying to crash it.”

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please no halloween posts just yet. there’s still 2 months left

did someone say halloween

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I really want to like the movie ‘Stardust’.

It has a good aesthetic and a nicely built magical world (I wouldn’t expect anything less from Neil Gaiman). It also has Robert De Niro as a gay pirate captain who enjoys cross dressing. And he’s LOVELY! I mean, look at this dude:

But there are so many problematic aspects of the screenplay that I just can’t deal with. I’ll go into further detail if anyone wants me to. But anyway, I was thinking I might read the book in hopes that it would be better.

Could someone tell me if the book is different or better? Or is it along the same lines of the movie?

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Hey this lineart doesn’t look that bad!

*turns off sketch layer*

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ppl who don’t dress up for halloween bc it’s too childish are halloweak

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been seeing a lot of posts lately along the lines of ‘don’t treat trans n queer identities like trends!’ implying that people who choose to be trans or queer is a bad thing lmao please stop

people who choose to be trans or queer are just as valid as people who do not have a choice, please remember that

seeing people exploring their gender and sexuality is a good thing! please don’t be a turd

yeah man less of this “you’re only trans because its cool!” attitude and more “i’m glad that we exist in a space where people are comfortable enough to explore gender self-determination”

id rather a bunch of folks explore trans identity and discover its not for them than continue with the status quo, where countless numbers of trans kids spend long years in confusion and fear because they dont know if theyre “trans enough”

I can understand this becoming an issue in terms of instances where straight people appropriate terms like Queer-platonic to talk about their friends, which is totally not okay. But I don’t think a lot of that is happening with actual queer identities, especially since there is so much baggage to take on when you identify as trans, bi, ace, etc. This also ties a lot into the ‘fake bisexual’ bullshit. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of you what a slippery fuckin’ slope that it.

I think we just need to be supportive of people’s self exploration and give out as many resources as possible. While simultaneously remaining vigilant of straight people assimilating aspects of queer culture.

Don’t hate on the bby queers. Mold them.

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How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

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white girls are having a crisis, y’all.

I’m so embarrassed oh my god why

The title of the article should be: Basic Bitch Misses the Point of Being A Basic Bitch Cus She is Basic.



white girls are having a crisis, y’all.

I’m so embarrassed oh my god why

The title of the article should be: Basic Bitch Misses the Point of Being A Basic Bitch Cus She is Basic.

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I just have so many feelings about mutants. If you also have feelings about mutants, call 1-800-mutantfeels, located in my ask box.

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hey guys!  My commission slots have been open for a while… ;;;
anyway.. so next year there will be a LOT of cons going on and i met up with an old friend monica and her qt pie friend nina at kawaiiland (also i went there with a good friend CC AND SO MUCH FUN CRIES)!! <3 omg i met so many qts… and tbh that was my very first legit anime/lolita con ever.. my school’s ChibiCon doesnt count cries..

and i totally wanna go to more conventions and even sell at some tables!  i know you guys suggested some good ones on the east coast!  and i’m waiting for registration to come up so hopefully i can sell and say hello to you lovelies <3

But to be able to pay for all of the supplies get to these cons I’d have to make some money.. signal boosts are much appreciated if you cannot afford any commissions right now.. i totally understand! <3 thank you guys!! ;-; ahhhh!

for more info on prices and examples here or check out my art blog!
BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME: my contact page!!!
PLZ also mention your tumblr username when you email me THANK YOU <3

all my SLOTS ARE OPEN AAAHHH <33 ;w;

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20% away from an X-men movie marathon with alcohol and ice cream. What a splendid way to end a truly disappointing trip!

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Are you working at/going to granite con?

No. This is the first I’m hearing about it actually. Maybe I’ll go next year since it’s in New Hampshire, which is fairly close to me.

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Hey, do you have an online store? I have a dear friend across the country and I want to send him some queer!avengers prints ^_^

Not at the moment. But you can order prints directly through me. My business/paypal email is gingerjujju@yahoo.com. Thanks!!